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If this is the case, it will be wise to pattern a strategy that will take advantage of this frequent occurrence; thus the forex high and low strategy. Given to the volatile nature of the market, it is possible for the price of a currency pair to move above or below the previous days resistance and support levels. When this happens, there is said to be a breakout in the trade. These are known as the highest high and the lowest low, or the resistance and support level.

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what IS sells TOP order? The forex high and low strategy is based on the concept that if the price of a currency pair moves past the previous days high or low, then the market will continue in that direction of breakout. what IUY stop order? Usually, in a forex chart, there is a point that shows the highest the value of a currency pair has ever reached considering a period of time, and there is also a point that shows the lowest value of the currency within the same period. Since the value of the security is bound to continue in an uptrend, the trader that bought it as soon as the trend began can sell it off when the price gets higher to make some profits from. Note that with this strategy, the time period of consideration is one day.

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