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a few: So far crypto currencies and the exchanges are (at best) only lightly regulated. Moreover, the following does mit wettercam geld verdienen not constitute any investment advice. Unfortunately, the narrative has shifting to all about being right a typical indicator for gambling rather than investing: dont confuse the prophet motive with the profit motive. New Bitcoin is being released to the miners at a fixed, but periodically declining rate, such that the total supply of Bitcoin approaches 21 million. There are no physical Bitcoins, only balances associated with these public and private keys.

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Too many non-experts are talking about Bitcoin. Surely, having seen the first 10x increase people bought in and got rewarded with another 10x return. (see here and here ) It is even conceivable that crypto currencies get banned outright. Gox added this message : February 26th 2014, dear MtGox Customers, As there is a lot of speculation regarding MtGox and its future, I would like to use this opportunity to reassure everyone that I am still in Japan, and working very hard with the. In June 2011, a significant security breach occurred wherein account usernames and encrypted passwords were compromised. But actually, it was a great weight lifted off of people's shoulders. Gox halted and users started seeing a notification that trading was disabled : (Image source: Coindesk soon thereafter, Mt Gox's site went down completely, displaying nothing but a blank page, and reports of the. In fact it is unclear whether crypto currencies are an asset at all but it is also not important for our discussion.