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majority mass adoption will make all present volatility look extraordinarily flat by comparison. Currently CEO at Quantave. On September 5th I made a similar post comparing the daily chart to the 128. Over the long term (decades or more technological adoption S-curves appear to be very smooth. Or 1163 x8 9,304 And Wave 5 might again, look to reach a price at 29x Wave. No matter really as the resulting numbers are there in black and white and you can click here to get a hint at my previous thinking in my last post on the subject in May. However, I am trying my best to understand the situation and that is what makes most sense. I am currently shorting usdt:USD.97.

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The price rises and falls, generally with a long term upward trend until reaching roughly 80 of the zwanzig-schritte-kurs bitcoin peak price of the bull run. To me this represents big money making big moves, which would suggest that insiders know something we don't. Fast forward to the popping of the Nov 13 bubble peak (1,163). The premium remains on the usdt' exchanges and the usdt:USD pair remains in dangerous territory. While crypto investors often argue over the merit of technical analysis, theres no denying that. This theory represents an overarching long-term fundamental factor that dwarfs the effects of other fundamentals such as: exchange hackings, government regulatory announcements, changes in economic policy and further technological advancement of the protocol. It is much more detailed, however the conclusions didn't change much. After an initial bounce.20 the market settled down and hung around at just under.00 until May. I mentioned earlier that, in terms of trying to predict the durations (or wavelengths) of forthcoming waves, there werent really enough previous reference points back in 2011.