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BCH SV at some point. Update, November 15th, 13:20 UTC: For an overview of different types of attacks that could be deployed during the BCH hash war, see these articles by CoinDesk's Rachel Rose O'Leary and P CEO Jiang Zhuoer. This also means that all BCH holders get coins on both sides of the split. As a result, at approximately 1:00 pm EST the first ABC block was found by the mining pool m at block height 556767. (But this is just speculation at this point.) Update, November 15th, 20:42: UTC: Bitcoin Cash SV is now one block ahead of Bitcoin Cash ABC, claiming the longest chain. But the funny thing is, BCH is now on the verge of a chain split! Bitcoin ABC proponents seem to generally feel victorious, though many Bitcoin SV supporters haven't quite conceded defeat as they believe 51-attacks may still come. It is supported by niche news outlets like CoinGeek, CalvinAyre and Bitcoin. Lol Exchanges start handing over the BCH ticker to BCH At first, many major crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Poloniex, among others, had halted BCH trading and withdrawals for an unspecified amount of time, waiting for the dust to settle. Update, November 15th, 16:30 UTC: A regular Bitcoin Cash block was mined. This is being done on the request of CoinGeek miners who are supportive of miners community and are taking technical support from nChain. It also wants the current block size to be raised to 128.

There is still no sign of a 51-attack. Technically, Bitcoin Cash will indeed experience another coin-split as soon as either Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV mines a block thats invalid on the opposing chain (for example, because transactions in the block are ordered incompatibly).

Who are all involved? Talking about BCH and not mentioning Roger Ver is criminal, and in this case, so is not knowing which side he. The introduction of canonical transaction ordering. Satoshi Nakamotos whitepaper and its parts about anonymous transactions.

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Jihan was"d as saying : I have no intention to price action strategy forex deutsch start a has war with Craig Wright, because if I do - by relocating hash power from BTC mining to BCH mining - BTC price will dump below yearly support; it may even breech. (Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Séchet has already acknowledged this option is on the table.) There may be other countermeasures too, like less radical protocol changes. Hash wars: Conservatives are winning, on November 15, miners backing both implementations started the fork process. Craig Wright, who has previously declared himself as Satoshi Nakamoto. Update, November 15th, 14:35: With a little over two hours to go until the hard fork takes place, BCH SV is trading significantly lower than BCH ABC on Poloniex' futures market: 125 versus 290. What is this dispute about? This is more than most other cryptocurrencies, most of which are down significantly. BCH SV would take the 8th, 9th or 10th spot (it would be close). Binance, Coinbase, and others. The block size limit will eventually be increased a lot more or even removed entirely. You might also want to use Bitcoin Cobra client who is a new group of people launching their own BCH full node client with replay protection.

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