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by Japanese-speaking individuals. Unlike their Chinese counterparts, Japanese-speaking communities do not only rely on Japanese forums. Additionally, anonymity makes tracking actors on these sites incredibly difficult. After a user enters a username and password, the BBS hashes the password to calculate an arbitrary string called a tripcode. A seller will first post an advertising comment on a BBS such as Osaka, Yasai, one gram, 5,000 yen, with their contact information and will wait for buyers to send them an email. As many Japanese subsections continue to grow within English-speaking community forums, and as Japanese hackers develop relationships with foreign hackers, it is likely that Japanese hackers will continue to explore websites in other countries to obtain information and online goods not available in Japan,. Illegal drug sales dominate Japanese underground content.

However, because interactions between Japanese hackers and their foreign counterparts are growing, Japanese hackers are likely to grow in number and sophistication in the future.
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When it comes to data, Japanese hackers do not discriminate. In July of that same year, Hacker Japan was launched and boasted the longest history among security periodicals in Japan until it was suspended in November 2013. This was probably due to Japans low level of copyright enforcement in the late 90s and early 2000s. Most of the examples above are found in English-, Chinese-, or Russian-speaking communities, but the majority of Japanese-speaking underground communities are housed within general-purpose bulletin board systems a series of message boards and forums in which information is exchanged in posts among members. Japanese hackers will also register accounts on non-Japanese message boards to gain information or access to services not readily accessible within domestic forums, like bulletproof hosting, which is more readily available on Russian- and English-language forums. Hacking tools like phone phreaking technology, malware, and other cracking tools were also shared, along with small percentages of software reverse engineering tools. Prepaid gift cards are also incredibly easy to use online, as the only data required to use gift cards is the code written on the back of the card. (Source: m/ ) Current Landscape Similar to their Chinese counterparts, Japanese forums largely do not compartmentalize wares into marketplaces, and instead advertise on general purpose forums, where discussions around hacking or other topics also occur. A BBS post advertising a CryptoLocker variant. For example, Yoko Kuroki, a password analyzer released in January 2000 right before the Unauthorized Computer Access Act came into full effect, was developed by Japanese creators for a Japanese audience.