get bitcoin gold from your electrum wallet

old wallet which will leave it vulnerable. Its probably best to move your BTC to a new address or even a whole new wallet with a new wallet seed before you even start meddling with BTG regardless of which wallet you were using. However, I discovered a way to claim BTG from Electrum using the Coinomi wallet and bitaddress. Claim Bitcoin Gold with Electrum If you had trouble with the previous options, you can extract the private keys of your Bitcoin addresses using Electrum and try importing those into Coinomi. Once your bitcoins are stored safely on the new paper wallet (ideally after at least one confirmation the old paper wallet still holds the BTG. The bad news is that its not necessarily easy or safe to claim your BTG. (Alternatively, you could type in the private key.) Once youve done this, send the bitcoins to the new paper wallet. Hier wurden Bitcoin-Besitzer mit der kostenlosen Währung im Wert von damals.

If you then look up all your transactions since October 25, 2017, and note which addresses spent coins since that date, you know which addresses held coins at the time of the split.). (Just mentally replace BCH for BTG wherever relevant.) Using (or Selling) Your BTG Once you have claimed your BTG, you can use it however you please. Go back to your shortlist, mark the private key as processed, and repeat steps 2-7 as many times as you have private keys. I found the one holding BTG in the last address of the list located in Addresses change Used, it was the last one of them. Allow the app to sync and you will find your BTG in the chain you chose in the previous step (Legacy/Segwit). Follow the guide below to claim your Bitcoin Gold in 5 minutes or less. Org was compromised, a hacker who lets assume happens to be online at the moment you submit your keys and snags them immediately has no way of knowing youre trying to transact BTG and is much more likely to try to sweep the key for.