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faked his death and took Denal's armor. It would emphasize Boba's and Cad's relation to one another as Cad had known Jango. The tube contained a serum that allowed the user to pass through the shield unharmed. After a while the floor became ray shielded as well, killing Jakoli and forcing the rest on a platform in the centre of the room. Bane however almost lost the crystal to Skywalker. Bane then reminded Ziro that it was time to pay up since he did not work for free. Bane then decided to turn Hardeen over to Gardulla and her guards due to his mistrust of him. For the right price. The two reluctantly accepted with Bane suspecting that it would be a deadly contest and that not all participants would survive. One of the clones tried to shoot Bane, who used another clone to shield himself from the blast, before disarming and killing the clone that shot with his own gun.

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When the platforms started to rise too much towards the ceiling the group found themselves between getting crushed by the ceiling and a layer of Dioxis below them. 11 Trouble on Nal Hutta Edit " Relax. Nevertheless, Hardeen was able to defeat Eval eventually and Dooku ordered Hardeen to finish Eval off.

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After kidnapping the Rodian child Wee Dunn from Rodia and the Nautolan child Zinn Toa from Glee Anselm, Skywalker and Tano managed to arrest Bane as he attempted to kidnap Roo-Roo Page from Jan-gwa city on Naboo. Bane then knocked Tano out and then took a V-19 Torrent starfighter to Black Stall Station. Skywalker had his fleet destroy the hyperdrive of Bane's frigate, preventing him from going into hyperspace. One of the troopers and Tano discovered his ruse when they found his blood and saw that he was not a clone. Hardeen, actually Kenobi, told his comrades to stand guard while he would figure it out and secretly used the Force to open the lock.

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