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the time, Apple was in the process of porting WebObjects to the Java programming language, and as part of this conversion, EOF became much more difficult to use from Cocoa. Retrieved from ml Apple Inc. If you have the Xcode Data Model file, you can read and write files in that format freely.

In this role, the really useful parts of EOF were those that automatically built the object sets from the raw data, and then tracked them. When combined with Cocoa bindings the UI can display many components of the data model without needing background code. Name Use Key methods NSManagedObject Access attributes A "row" of data -entity -valueForKey: -setValue:forKey: NSManagedObjectContext Actions Changes -executeFetchRequest:error: -save NSManagedObjectModel Structure Storage -entities -fetchRequestTemplateForName: -setFetchRequestTemplate: forName: NSFetchRequest Request data -setEntity: -setPredicate: -setFetchBatchSize: NSPersistentStoreCoordinator Mediator Persisting the data -addPersistentStoreWithType: configuration:URL: options:error: -persistentStoreForURL: NSPredicate Specify query predicateWithFormat. Imprpria, boa Viagem, centro da praia, prpria. Interface Builder can retrieve and manipulate these entities directly. A b c Apple, "Core Data Programming Guide". Code can retrieve and manipulate this data on a purely object level without having to worry about the details of storage and retrieval. Ayrton Senna (em) Prpria Anil Em frente. "Core Data Tutorial for iPhone OS". Connecting the Save menu item to the appropriate method in the controller object will direct the controller to examine the object stack, determine which objects are dirty, and then re-write a Core Data document file with these changes. Recently, Core Data store for odbc has been made available in odbc framework.