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wake up every single day motivated and proud of that fact. Sales have been slow on there, but its still in Beta. Long story short, this store was born after 3 months of designing, negotiating with suppliers, figuring out how to accept Bitcoin, doing everything possible to distance myself from tons of T- Shirt bitcoin 1lv7n4v6xwt5c9rarbcx2ubktkttdqidzt amount 0.00780888&label 0en-7 stores out there. They dont get. I designed my first Bitcoin T- Shirt after I understood how mining works (one of the most complicated things to figure out in the chain) One of the members asked me if I was selling it and that hed love to have one of those. What more do you need than knowing that you are one of few hundred thousand people allowing the Bitcoin to grow. During one of my long-night chats with community members (when I say chats, I mean Im asking tons of questions, bright people there are trying to answer) I showed a T- Shirt I made. The, bitcoin revolution is underway but most people still don't understand what.

Most of them do not even bother to listen to your arguments. The more I learned, got involved, communicated with bright people online, the less I cared about its value. Skip to main content, enter your search keyword, all Categories. Like Visa or Paypal, it allows money to be transferred electronically however. M, your number one source for all Crypto shirts, hats, hoodies, and much more! Late 2016 even dumber me 5 fucking years later here. #Cryptoiscurrency The end of my first month as a merchant accepting Bitcoin was quite thrilling. Stupid for not bothering to understand cryptocurrency.

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Make the quick buck, and get the fuck out. Must-Own Bags Up to 60 Off Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, and more. We are an online-store specialized in selling cypherpunk, unique and funky. Why do you accept bitcoin? The Final (Four) Countdown Get set to support your team.

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