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every minute. Afterword: This is a scenario in which Bitcoin could collapse. In conclusion, the integrity of Bitcoin is up to the users. The events had happened so fast that the Bitcoin Foundation had no time to respond. Cody watched the coverage on both sites and felt his heart leaping into his throat. All accounts on the exchanges were now under the control of Oakmine.

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The responsibility of a stable network is the responsibility of the miners. Altcoins now had no value as there was nothing to trade against. Several exchanges froze accounts; others were overloaded, and the servers shut down due to the massive flux of traffic. Frances central bank also had some harsh words to say about bitcoin this week, calling it an unreliable and risky means of investment. 12:00 PM, November 17th 2014, the purchase was quick, and both Oakmine and the exchange owner announced that it was complete. The total value of the stolen Bitcoins and all company assets amounted to over 900 million dollars.

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