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look at prices and volumes to know this. This indicator also features a Percentage Long mode, which allows you to display a line graph for the percentage of current peer positions that are long. Show 1/-1 Lines: If Yes, display dashed lines. The image below presents some examples when the large spread was linked with a market turn COT report On the other hand, the SSI shows the actions of small retail traders, which are usually wrong and in the opposite direction of smart money. Besides, small funds usually do not have enough capital to place orders capable of influencing prices. In another article we will suggest different ways to trade using the SSI. When values are above 0 it means that there are more retail buyers in that particular position, and vice versa.

Now you can get the sentiment of your trading peers plotted right on your chart. The Speculative Sentiment Index sSI ) is one of the most powerful tools at a traders disposal. With the, sSI indicator, you can plot real-time and. Due to the large size of their orders, these traders are not able to hide their actions. This is why its extremely important to know what they are doing. To do sentiment analysis in Forex, the Speculative Sentiment Index ( SSI ) is a tool that can be used to understand how different traders are positioning themselves in the market. Learn Forex Current gbpjpy Trend View photos SSI _for_ Forex _Scalpers_body_Picture_g, SSI for Forex Scalpers SSI and the gbpjpy Currently we can see that the gbpjpy trading 483 pips higher from its November the 5ths low at 156.93. Learn, forex, current, sSI, readings, view photos, sSI _for_. Parameters, data Type: Displayed Data?: Select, sSI to view an, sSI bar graph. Written by Walker England, Trading Instructor To contact Walker, email. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Forex _Scalpers_body_Picture_g, SSI for, forex, scalpers, sSI and Scalping, first, SSI is a calculated ratio that gives us a snapshot of trader positioning while giving hints on market direction.