trezor bitcoin cash

replay protection. This allows you to claim Bitcoin Cash even if you moved or spent your Bitcoin since August 1 as long as you still possess your pre-fork private keys. Next, in the message box at the top of the wallet, locate the coin-splitting tool link. Return to the Trezor BCH Wallet. Repeat the steps if you have additional accounts that contain pre-fork Bitcoin.

trezor bitcoin cash

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Carefully read the information in the. Click the, show on trezor eyeball icon to verify the address. While pressing both buttons simultaneously on the front of your Trezor, re-connect it to the USB cable. When prompted, confirm the firmware fingerprint by pressing. The bitcoin dual spending original Bitcoin blockchain now exists along side a new, separate Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Connect your Trezor, then input the PIN. Your claimed BCH displays under the designated account number.

If it matches your BCH receiving address, press the Confirm button. Before updating your Trezor firmware, make sure you have your recovery seed words available. Pull down the Wallet menu, and select Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Trezor Wallet to download the firmware update. Click the Claim xxx.

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