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useful: history teaches that all bitcoin users arrests made (see) has been traced by checking transactions via blockchain; there isnt any single case of people discovered because they had revealed their IP while they were making a transaction. This block could be malevolent and make double spending of the previous blocks. Reasons 2 and 3 dont arise from technological innovations: overnight, Bitcoin can also increase the on-chain capacity by modifying block-size or average time difference between its blocks. Tracking bitcoins is possible however this takes far more effort from a central authority. Samsung Pay is also a centralized application through Samsungs server that monitors transactions but also states that it keeps the information private.

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Nothing can be done to fix. And various regions around the world. It is complicated to trace bitcoin movements with LN even if you check an intermediary node between receiver and sender. To decentralize mining, Verge uses 5 different types of algorithms: Scrypt, x17, groestl, blake2s and lyra2rev2. Currency is the most obvious use of this sort of transaction system, which is why people often think of it as a currency. In fact, bitcoin can be moved for a single transaction through several channels, one after the other (routing) and even for parallel ways (Alice pays Bob 1 bitcoin, using as intermediary Charlie to move.5btc and Dave to move the rest.5btc).

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