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money over the long run. An extensive directory of all the leading charting software. We'll email you login details shortly. The disparity between currency brokers that provide thorough, high quality education, and those who do not is vast. The 20 List of Stocks that should Outperform the Market using the Galactic Stock Trader program. The main Fibonacci ratios are:.382.500.618, these are remarkably close to the main Planetary Motion Ratios of:.3877 and.3902.509.6151 and.6011, we are not claiming that Planetary Motion Ratios will make you megabucks in stock or commodity trading. If we are correct 55 of the time using Planetary Motion analysis as a filter, and if we are correct 55 of the time using technical analysis as an additional filter, then by combining the TWO filters, we would be correct 60 of the time. Magi astrology includes some NEW astrological material This is one of the websites of the Magi Society, the world's largest organization of astrologers. The Venus/Earth Planetary Motion Ratio is 224.7 divided by 365.256 which is:.6151, or just a mere.0029 from being exactly the same as the Fibonacci ratio.618. Magi Astrology is essentially new and is very different from ordinary Traditional Astrology. How to Combine Fibonacci Ratios and Retracements with Planetary Indicators.

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How to use Galactic Trader Tools to make these mit aktien nebenbei geld verdienen Predictions yourself. Get the free mcx nickel intraday best commodity tips and do trading for sure shot. By G Ravichandran NSE Certified Capital Market. The table below lists all of the sequential Planetary Motion Ratios. . Converting Planets to Longitude and Key Aspects. We were able to successfully develop and perfect AstroFibonacci because we have had a decade of experience as a developer of computer software.

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