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just modified versions of the tools available in the standard list on the trading platform. We'd love to hear your feedback about your Account. We can see that the histogram has become green on the chart; however, a conservative signal is received only at the moment when the first bar is above the zero line. Aggressive signals come quite frequently, but if you look at the history of this tool, we can see that the redrawing of the data does not often take place. In the Internet we can find a great number of tools, which are introduced as the best trading tools by their developers. Forex Impulse simply does not need it because the bars of the histogram change color in case of the trend reversal in the market. Thousands of different indicators have been developed to facilitate trading. Aggressive signals, we receive aggressive signals at the time when the bars of the histogram change color. Conservative signals are traditionally more secure, but they appear rarely. How would you rate your experience on a scale of 1-10?

The indicator can give signals for opening a trade by a special sound or via notification via email. Although the histogram of Forex Impulse is also built around the zero line, the color of the bars can change both below and above this level. It does not matter on which side from the zero level the histogram is located. Due to some changes it looks smoother, and the bars of the histogram change color depending on the market situation. Green bars of the histogram indicate an uptrend, red bars show the downtrend. A great disadvantage of this indicator is that it does not determine the strength of the current trend. The trend power is estimated by the height of the bars of the histogram, which also means that this indicator does not define a flat; therefore, it should be used with the indicators, which are capable to determine flat and the trend strength in percentage.

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