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videos - 7,000 subscribers and counting! Related Reading: Real Reason Why China Doesnt Want Blockchain: Strict Censorship. Rubin commented: The banning of Carl Sargon of Aarkad for doing something that was not on the Patreon platform that wasnt even done on his channel, because of a word he said is a massive move of that line of whats acceptable the fact that. I love making videos about Bitcoin. At Tallycoin, we believe Bitcoin has the greatest chance of any other social movement in giving *YOU* the financial freedom you deserve. In the interest of true intellectual freedom, surely content creators such as Peterson should be pushing Bitcoin harder. Replicating Patreons Full Feature Set, in a series of tweets December 30, Jeff Vandrew. Lock perks for 10 cents or 10 bitcoin. Content of your Choice 3 or more per month, ability to vote on what the next video will. Offer 1 perk or none. However I would like to create more and to do that I need your support.

Thanks to your support, through. Bitcoin donations and your, patreon, monthly Subscription, I am creating: Today. Bitcoin - 18 daily episodes, so far live Daily 8:00 AM PDT The.

Receive more donations by giving something back in the form of "perks". We are going to try to set this system up on a subscriber model that is analogous to Patreon, he said in an introductory video, adding the product would have a bunch of additional features. The three thought leaders proposing the new platform are all amongst Patreons highest earners. According to a report in The Federalist, Patreon has similar terms of service to Twitter.

Access to all written/visual material from my videos. Tallycoin is the bitcoin classic eingestellt Patreon alternative. World Crypto Network - 1,200 videos - 15,000 subscribers. YOU keep 100, fEES 0, mission Statement, tallycoin's mission is to facilitate the adoption of bitcoin as a mainstream global digital currency. We take NO fees! Bitcoinist reported, a backlash has seen calls for Patreon users to abandon the service in favor of Bitcoin and open source options. Most Patreon alternatives dont implement the full Patreon feature set.