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GeForce GTX 580's 893. Hopefully Nvidia opens up more about what the new architecture can. And I made a mistake on my previous post,. MaxCoin, for example, is a member of the SHA3 family, and it's supported in the latest version of CudaMiner. It still falls behind the Bonaire-based cards in its price segment. Trying to mine Scrypt on a GPU has been a waste of time for a few years now (that version of cudaminer is ancient and Scrypt-specific, I am 99 sure). Of course, Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency reliant on hashing. 2, mar 1, 2018, simple answer: Not enough to pay even the electric bill. 0, apr 3, 2018, well, I mine.40 cents a day with the 1050.

Previous, next, sort by votes, feb 28, 2018, hey fellow PC enthusiasts I kinda built a 500 gaming rig recently and was interested in Bitcoin Mining. LTC Mining, bitcoin mining is almost irrelevant to CPU and GPU miners these days, if only because it's impossible to compete with dedicated asic- and fpga-based devices working so much faster. I said I dont mind if the 1050 is an unworthy miner, I just want the quantity of Bitcoin mined per day/week/month. Here's the spec, Mobo - Gigabyte Ga-H110M-A. So yeah, if you mine after finish using your computer and while you're sleeping or gone out, you can get around 7 a month. It's pretty quiet and doesn't consume much energy nor produce much heat.

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